Andre Steering Damper Parts

As well as our complete Andre Steering Dampers, we are able to offer the following parts as spares or replacements for originals. Please check dimensions before ordering as several reproductions have been available from different sources over the years and there may be slight differences. 

U-shape plate with anchor fixing - £28

Laser cut in 2mm stainless steel this part is 2.5" OD, 1.438" ID and is 0.375" between the plates. 


Set of steel plates - £39

The U-shape plate described as above and the two plates that turn with the damper body. All laser cut in 2mm stainless steel and folded by Kingpin Components.  


Spring Clip - £42

Spring clip that clamps between the damper body and the fork clamp on Andre steering dampers. Made exclusively for Kingpin Components in stainless steel. 

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