In the early decades of the 20th Century many manufacturers, including magneto manufacturers, made use of a new zinc based alloy to die cast some of the component parts of their products. Unfortunately it has been found that this material, commonly known as 'pot metal' deteriorates with age and ends up in a very weak, brittle condition. We are now able to offer a range of castings to replace these originals. We also have a range of other magneto castings which allow your magneto to be converted from automatic advance and retard to manual operation. 

Please note that with all of these items you are buying casting only and will need to do your own machining.

BTH Competition Type Bearing Housing and Points Cap £0.00

BTH Standard Type Bearing Housing £35.00

Dixie Magneto Base Casting £56.00

EIC Drive End Plate for Single Cylinder Magneto £48.00

EIC Drive End Plate for Twin Cylinder Magneto £48.00

EIC Points End Plate £48.00

ML Face Cam Type Bearing Housing £35.00

ML Ring Cam Type Bearing Housing £46.00